Boxing ring at the Miami Beach Convention Center in 1964

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Miami Beach hosted one of boxing's most iconic moments in sports history when Muhammad Ali took on Sonny Liston at the Miami Beach Convention Center and became the boxing champion on February 25, 1964. 


February 25th marks the anniversary of one of the most iconic moments in sports history - the night when 22-year-old Muhammad Ali, then known as Cassius Clay, defeated the seemingly unbeatable Sonny Liston to become heavyweight champion of the world. Their 1964 title fight at the Miami Beach Convention Center was far more than a boxing match - it was a clash of personalities, a battle of good versus evil in the eyes of many, and a politically charged spectacle during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

For Liston, the 34-year-old champion, it was supposed to be a quick and easy win. He was a 7-1 favorite, with many expecting Ali to be knocked out within the first few rounds. But Ali had other plans. Utilizing his superior speed and mobility, he was able to evade Liston's powerful punches and wear down the champion over the course of the fight. By the end of the sixth round, Liston refused to come out of his corner, making Ali the new heavyweight ruler in one of sports' greatest upsets.

Beyond the riveting in-ring action, the fight represented a pivotal cultural moment. Ali brazenly defied conventions and refused to be silenced even in the face of grave threats. As an outspoken civil rights advocate willing to sacrifice his career to follow his principles, Ali became a larger-than-life icon who gave a voice to the voiceless. When he stood over Liston yelling “Get up and fight!” it was a metaphor for rising up against oppression.

The fight marked the dawn of a new era. Ali emerged as “The Greatest” - a once-in-a-generation transcendent athlete who captured the world’s imagination with his combination of otherworldly talent and courageous conviction. Boxing was forever changed, as charismatic personalities became as important as in-ring skills. And Ali lit the torch for a generation of black athletes who realized they could be both great sportsmen and agents for social change.

60 years later, Ali vs. Liston still stands as a watershed event in sports and culture. It serves as a timeless reminder of how one monumental night can produce a seismic shift. And the image of Ali standing triumphantly over Liston is etched into history as one of the most iconic photographs ever taken.

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10 Fascinating Facts About the Historic Muhammad Ali vs. Liston Fight at the Miami Beach Convention Center

Miami Beach hosted one of boxing's most iconic moments in sports history when Muhammad Ali took on Sonny Liston at the Miami Beach Convention Center in 1964. Here are 10 fascinating facts about this historic event:


  1. It was Ali's first heavyweight title fight. He shocked the world by defeating Liston, the feared heavyweight champ.
  2. Ali was a 7-1 underdog going into the fight. Few gave him a chance against Liston.
  3. The fight lasted only 1 minute into the first round. Ali knocked Liston out with the "phantom punch."
  4. The fight drew a crowd of 8,300 to the Miami Beach Convention Center. Tickets cost between $250-$1000.
  5. The fight was shown on closed-circuit TV to over 3 million viewers worldwide. It was one of the first major sports events broadcast globally.
  6. The Beatles were photographed watching the fight from their hotel room in Miami Beach. Cassius Clay, as Ali was still known, had met them a few days earlier.
  7. There was controversy about the knockout punch. Many felt Liston took a dive and that Ali's punch didn't actually connect.
  8. Ali announced his conversion to Islam and name change days after the fight. He revealed he was a member of the Nation of Islam.
  9. The fight cemented Ali as a controversial and captivating figure in sports and culture. He became a symbol of black pride and empowerment.
  10. Hall C at the Miami Beach Convention Center has been renamed to “Muhammad Ali Hall of Champions” in 1991.

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The Historic Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston Fight at the Miami Beach Convention Center

Background Context

  • In 1964, Sonny Liston was the heavyweight champion of the world. He was a formidable boxer with devastating punching power.
  • Cassius Clay was a 22-year-old up-and-coming boxer known for his unorthodox style and brash personality. He was a heavy underdog against Liston.
  • The fight was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami Beach, Florida on February 25, 1964. There was intense interest due to the mismatch on paper.

The Controversial Weigh-In

  • The day before the fight, the weigh-in was full of drama. Clay was animated and angry, taunting Liston and causing chaos.
  • Liston remained calm amidst Clay's antics. Many thought Liston would destroy Clay based on the weigh-in.
  • Clay's pulse rate was measured at 120 beats per minute compared to Liston's 80 bpm, hinting at his anxiety. But Clay used this to psych himself up and unnerve Liston.

The Fight Itself

  • In the first round, Clay employed a high energy attack, landing quick combinations and avoiding Liston's powerful punches. Liston seemed confused by Clay's movement.
  • In the third round, Clay suffered damage from a Liston left hook but quickly recovered. A classic back-and-forth round.
  • By the fourth round, Clay took control, landing jabs and combinations almost at will. Liston was unable to cope with Clay's speed.
  • After the sixth round, Liston refused to continue, citing an injured shoulder. Clay was declared the winner by technical knockout and crowned heavyweight champion.

Lasting Significance

  • Clay becoming champion at just 22 years old against a feared opponent was a monumental upset in boxing history.
  • The fight marked the dawn of Ali's boxing prime. He became a global icon and went on to cement his legacy as "The Greatest".
  • The Miami Beach Convention Center hosted numerous other major boxing events after this fight due to the historic significance.

The Ali vs. Liston fight in Miami Beach was a pivotal moment in sports, launching the career of one of history's most legendary figures. Its legacy endures as a triumph of skill, determination and self-belief against all odds.






Muhammad Ali Mural

Muhammad Ali Hall of Champions

Miami Beach Convention Center. Named in honor of Muhammed Ali, who won the Heavyweight Boxing Championship of the World here on February 25, 1964.

DEDICATED July 29, 1991 - Mayor Alex Daoud

Comissionners:  Stanley Arkin, Arbin Hirschfeld, Abe Resnick, Martin Shapiro, William E. Shockett, Bruce M. Singer


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