Inside of the Miami Beach Convention Center

Smart city networks at the Miami Beach Convention Center continues to serve the community

Sourced by Smart City Networks

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completed construction of an Alternate Care Facility (ACF) for the City of Miami Beach and the Florida Division of Emergency Management (DEM) at the Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC) to be utilized as a testing site and medical site over the next month with options for 30 day increases indefinitely.

As the exclusive technology partner to over 40 convention centers, Smart City has planned and worked with the U.S. Army, local hospitals and government agencies at dozens of convention centers across the country to ensure staff and responders have the internet, wireless and voice technologies needed to support their communities during these circumstances. Smart City is delivering technology solutions to the two testing sites and Alternate Care Facility stationed at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

On-site personnel have designed and built networks capable of 2Gb of bandwidth and two wireless networks broadcasting throughout the MBCC, one being complimentary wireless provided by Smart City. Three wireless access points were installed outdoors for the two testing facilities on Convention Center Drive to provide wireless connectivity to each testing facility. Another wireless access point was deployed allowing wireless connectivity to the video monitoring blimp that’s 200ft. in the air over the facilities.

Smart City worked with other convention center partners to provide additional critical support such as telecom services. VoIP Phones (Voice over Internet Protocol) have been deployed for the MBCC Alternate Care Facility by the Facility Operator, including 40 -50 VoIP Phones. For temporary internal telecommunication rooms, Smart City was able to connect 12 of the ACF internal temporary telecommunication rooms throughout the MBCC for internal networks of Internet/VoIP Phone services provided by the Facility Operator of the ACF. A total of 400-450,000 ft. of Cat6a cables were installed, and 4,000 Cat6a were terminated, tested, and certified by Tirone Electric/Data, the low voltage contractor for the ACF.

At a very impressive 10 days, this project was completed for the ACF to be up and running. Our local teams continue to deliver technical support for any issues that may arise. Immediate response to and resolution of problems is a critical operating procedure for Smart City to provide the standard of service the testing sites and ACF need to deliver support to the community.

“We are pleased to assist Spectra Management and the MBCC in providing Covid-19 support for the Miami Beach area.” Smart City VP, Tim Wortman.

Once the Alternate Care Facility is dismantled, repair and restoration work will include a medical-grade, acceptable industry-standard disinfection/sanitization process throughout the facility, including all support and common egress areas, and any space sharing the same air circulation, such as meeting rooms, loading dock, elevators, and other ancillary spaces. The Center will take precautions to safeguard the safety of the community and future clients, attendees and guests.

Source: Smart City Networks