Become a Part of the Experience

MIAMI BEACH, FL (September 9, 2019) – Wanda Brown welcomes a long line of “super” volunteers on what is training day, shaping up recruits for the big week of Super Bowl LIV.

“What we do for the Super Bowl Host Committee in the seven days leading up to the Super Bowl, we are the entertainment, the excitement!” Brown cheers.

Dan Marino, the Miami Dolphin Hall of Famer quarterback, is seen in the host committee’s recruitment campaign, calling on people to volunteer.

Roughly 400 folks who are on board already will mobilize to get the rest of the volunteer positions filled. They came out to a recent training session. Their job will be to meet 10,000 plus applicants that will be coming through and interview all of them.

During Super Bowl week, these volunteers will be positioned at both airports, the Super Bowl Experience, the Miami Beach Convention Center and Super Bowl Live at Bayfront Park, greeting visitors, providing helpful info and acting as ambassadors for one of Miami’s biggest parties.

The woman in charge of volunteer staffing is Elle Kehoe, VP of the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee.

“This is 100th season for the NFL so it’s a really big celebration and it’s also Miami’s eleventh Super Bowl.”

Some volunteers, like Brian Firtell, can’t seem to get enough.

“This is my fourth time doing this when it’s come to Miami. It’s a blast, you meet all these people from out of town and once you do it, you want to do it again. I’ve worked at the NFL Experience, the airport, the team hotels. When you are at the media center there’s radio row, NFL network, you see the players,” he recalled.

The commitment is to work three shifts of four to six hours the week of January 25 to February 2. The volunteers get some cool swag, a great experience, but not a ticket to the big game. Anyone can apply.

“We want people from across the board. It doesn’t matter how old you are, we have volunteers that range from 18 all the way to 93,” said Kehoe.

The Miami Super Bowl Host Committee is currently accepting applications through October 1. If you are interested, you can get all of the information at

Source: CBS Miami