Event Planning Guide & Polices

The entire Miami Beach Convention Center team is looking forward to working with you toward a very successful event! We’ve created this Planning Guide to give you an overview of our facility and to answer most of your basic questions.

Air Conditioning

The Miami Beach Convention Center provides cooling in the exhibit halls during show hours. The MBCC charges a fee per hall, per day, for cooling during non-show days. Air conditioning will not be available in the exhibit halls or lobby areas at any time while the loading dock doors or lobby doors are open.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

The Miami Beach Convention Center strives to meet the needs of all its’ guests at all events and is fully ADA compliant. All areas of the MBCC are accessible. Elevators are located on each level and a limited number of wheelchairs are available at the first aid station at no charge. If you have attendees with special needs, please let your Event Manager know, as soon as possible, so that all necessary accommodations can be made in advance.


Animals are not permitted on the premises of the Miami Beach Convention Center, except in conjunction with an approved exhibit, or as service animals for the physically challenged. Please consult your event manager as soon as possible so all necessary accommodations can be made.

Audio/Visual Services

The Miami Beach Convention Center can provide a full range of audio/visual services, sound reinforcement, slide and video projection, video production, computers, computer/projection interfacing, exhibit hall and meeting room audio patching, etc., through the house A/V contractor, Everlast Productions.


The MBCC has a Balloon / Blimp Policy that prohibits the use of helium filled balloons and/or blimps, either for displays, exhibits, or general public access areas.

Balloons may not be released out-of-doors due to airport flight patterns in the area, as well as for environmental concerns.

Smaller air filled balloons may be used for decoration and/or handouts. Show management and a MBCC Convention Services Manager must approve the use of all balloons.

Please note, all balloons and blimps must be weighted.


“Our MBCC Sales team is ready to serve you! For dates, pricing and availability, contact 786-276-2600, pr email your inquiry to sales@miamibeachconvention.com. You can also complete an RFP booking inquiry here.”

Business Center

The MBCC provides a Business Service Center for use by exhibitors and attendees featuring photocopy, fax, self typing work stations, and fully trained clerical staff. Please consult with your Event Manager for package shipping or other supplies or services you may need.



The MBCC staff takes great pride in the care of the facility. MBCC operates with a "clean hall to clean hall” policy. In an effort to provide efficient service to our clients, the facility will be responsible for the following public areas inside the facility: concession areas, restrooms, lobbies (not being used for registration), meeting rooms, ballrooms and outside sidewalk areas (not including front of the house, move-in/move-out trash removal).

Client is responsible for event cleaning inside the exhibit halls & ballrooms to include but not limited to loading dock apron, dock bays, exhibit halls, ballrooms used for exhibits, registration areas, service desk area, and all tape/residue removal.

Coat/Luggage Checking

BAGS Inc. is the exclusive provider for all coat, luggage, and package checking. Coats are rarely needed in our beautiful tropical climate, however, BAGS Inc. can tailor a coat check area to suit your group's particular need. Please advise your Event Manager of your requirements.

Contractors' Requirements

All contractors wishing to provide service to events at the Miami Beach Convention Center are subject to approval by the Center prior to commencing work on-site. This applies to all contractors supplying any and all show services such as audio/visual, electrical, cleaning, and security.

The Lessee is required to notify the Event Manager of the contractors selected at least sixty (60) days in advance of the event for the purpose of initiating and securing the appropriate agreements.

Crate Storage

All combustible materials including, but not limited to, cartons, crates, containers, packing material, etc., which are necessary for repacking shall be removed from the show floor. Vacant areas on the exhibit floor, which do not have access to the general public may be approved for crate limited storage provided they meet specific requirements.

Please note, all crate storage locations are subject to the approval of the Miami Beach Fire Department.

Damage Walk-Through

All damages that occur during the event, except for normal wear and tear are the responsibility of the Lessee. In an effort to preserve the facility as a valuable asset to the city of Miami Beach, all known damage should be reported upon discovery. Whenever possible, the client will be apprised of the damage during the event, and a written estimate, complete with a report and photographs will be provided.


The use of drones in the Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC) is subject to approval of MBCC Management. Please contact your Event Manager for specific details on obtaining approval.


The Facility does not provide electrical services for events. You must have an approved electrical provider from our approved contractors list. Please confirm approved contractors with your Event Manager prior to your selection.

Equipment Rental

The facility equipment is available for use in the MBCC on a first-come first-serve basis for room set-ups. Lessees having equipment requirements exceeding the available inventory are responsible for all related costs. Remember that all facility equipment is shared amongst all in-house clients.

All equipment requirements should be submitted to your Event Manager within 60 days of your event.

Fire and Safety Requirements

In the interest of life safety and fire prevention in the MBCC, fire safety requirements shall apply to all events, private or public. Please consult your Event Manager for more details.

Fire Watch

Fire Watch requirements are deemed necessary as part of the Miami Beach Fire Department Special Events Guideline. It is the responsibility of the MBCC and its clients to follow and enforce those requirements. In an effort to provide efficient service to our clients, the facility has worked with the fire department to develop guidelines that are within industry standards.

First Aid/Paramedic

The MBCC requires that life safety be considered in the planning stages of all events. As a requirement from the fire department as part of their Special Events Guide, events will now require either a BLS or ALS emergency team unit when an event reaches 1000 or more attendees. The MBCC can provide the use of a furnished first aid center location. A first aid center is recommended during show hours and can be set up in a meeting room reserved by your group or one of the permanent centers located in lobby C or D. It is the responsibility of the MBCC and its clients to follow and enforce those requirements.

FOH Load-In

All loading and unloading of exhibit freight must be through designated loading docks and freight doors only. The main lobby glass entrance doors are not available for this purpose, however, we have agreed to allow front of the house load-in on a case by case basis (Must be approved by the facility in advance).

Freight Deliveries

Freight Shipments: The MBCC cannot accept shipments of freight or materials (including over-night mail or C.O.D. services), prior to the contracted move-in date. All freight must be delivered to the MBCC by the official service contractor or freight carrier. All shipments to be delivered to the MBCC during the move-in should be sent to the attention of the show organizer or general service contractor.


Thank you for your thoughtfulness, however, it is against Spectra policy for any employee to accept gratuities or gifts of significant value from a Lessee. Monetary donations can be accepted towards our “How You Doin” Fund which helps to finance employee holiday & summer picnic events for all staff.

Hazardous Waste Materials Disposal

Chemicals, solvents, and/orsolutions considered hazardous are not allowed to be disposed of through the sewer lines or drains of the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Health and Safety Measures

The health, safety, security and wellbeing of all who enter our venue is the number one priority of the Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC). As we look forward to hosting events during the “new normal,” we have developed and implemented new venue plans, policies and procedures to minimize risk and protect our collective health. 

For a detailed breakdown of the MBCC Recovery Initiatives, visit our Health Advisory page.


The use of hoverboards on City of Miami Beach public property is prohibited per Ord. Section 70-67 prohibited areas.

Insurance Requirements

As additional consideration over and above the rental payments made by Lessee herein, Lessee shall, at its own expense, comply with all of the insurance requirements of the MBCC. Lessee shall not occupy the premises until proof of insurance coverage has been furnished to the City and the MBCC.

Keys/Room Security

The MBCC has the capability to change door locks for the majority of the meeting rooms. The cost per lock is $60.00 and $10.00 per cut key. Lost keys will be charged at fifty ($50) dollars each.


Exhibit Halls all have High Output T5 Florescent Lights with instant illumination.

Work lights (50% power) are provided in the exhibit halls for the move-in and move-out at no additional charge. Full show lighting for these periods is available at the prevailing rates on an hourly per hall basis.

Full show lighting (100% power) is provided two hours prior to, through the published event closing at no additional charge.

Loading Dock

Lessees will be required to supply a detailed agenda covering all move-in and move-out activities, including anticipated freight deliveries, general service contractor materials, and exhibitor access times. The Center may mandate changes in said agenda to maintain the smooth operation of your event and any other events operating concurrently in the Facility.

When you require the use of the loading docks, MBCC Security must be employed to enforce parking rules and to control truck traffic. The MBCC does not forego any rights relative to the safe operation of its docks. The overall control of the docks remains at all times with building management.

Access to the loading dock will need approval by the client / general service contractor prior to arriving to the MBCC. All approved access to the loading dock needs to be provided to the Public Safety Department 24 hours prior to anticipated arrival. Upon arrival, each vehicle will receive a MBCC Parking Access pass and specific parking instructions.

Lost & Found

All lost and found articles are logged and placed in our Security office. We attempt to identify the owner and return all articles. To inquire about lost items contact the Security Manager at 305-673-7347.

Marshalling for Trucks

The MBCC does not have truck marshalling facilities.

Contact you Event Manager for Marshalling options in Miami Beach.


Your event name and dates will be displayed on the Nanocurve ribbon display above the Exhibit Hall at the Miami Beach Convention Center and the electronic marquee located at Convention Center Drive.

Novelty & Program Sales Policy

The sale of programs and novelties at the MBCC Facility for commercial/public activities is subject to control by the MBCC.

The number of sellers assigned to each event will be determined by the MBCC Management based upon anticipated attendance and the volume of merchandise offered. No personnel will be allowed to sell without prior approval by MBCC Management.

The MBCC will acquire thirty percent (30%) of gross receipts based on the total gross receipts on novelty sales which includes sales tax. There will be no exceptions to the above rules without the specific consent of the General Manager of the MBCC.


The MBCC has approximately 800 onsite public parking spaces. There are other municipal parking areas within a comfortable walking distance from the MBCC.  The Transportation Manager will be able to provide Licensees with additional information as to the location of these parking facilities, as well as an estimated number of available parking spaces. Please remember that, outside of events, these facilities are quite active during the work week. We strongly suggest that attendees use a shuttle bus service, public transportation or a ride share service. The parking element of the Transportation Plan will describe the use of these parking resources. The Transportation Plan will seek to minimize displacement of parkers from existing facilities and parking-related impacts within the residential neighborhoods.

For more information, please visit our Directions & Parking page of the website.

Public Areas & Lobbies

Lobbies, concourses, the skywalk, and the food facilities are considered public areas and not under Lessee control. All activities using public areas, such as registration, special exhibits or displays, temporary advertising, etc., must be noted on the Floor Plan submitted sixty (60) days in advance to be approved by the MBCC and the Fire Marshal. Please note that clear access must be maintained for concurrent events, as well as to all restaurants, cafeterias, lounges, permanent food service facilities, restrooms, telephones, elevators for disability access, and all exit or entrance doors.

Service desks and related work stations are not permitted in any public area. Motorized vehicles, forklifts, gas or electric carts, etc., may not be operated in lobbies, concourses or any carpeted or terrazzo area of the MBCC. Heat tape and double face tape may not be used on carpeted or terrazzo floors. Additionally, installations of carpet runners, show carpet, or other temporary floor coverings over permanent carpet must be approved in advance.


Compressed water and drain hook ups for exhibit booths are provided by the official show Electrical Contractor.


All rigging at the MBCC is subject to approval by MBCC management and must meet industry standards. A written request for any hanging or attaching (including but not limited to drawings, weights, attachment points, chain motors, etc.) must be submitted to the Event Manager at least 60 days before load in.

Everlast Productions has to review and approve all rigging plots, service fee applied.

Sales Tax/Tax Exemption

Florida State Sales and Use Tax is applied to the building rental and certain other additional services related to the Lessee's occupancy at the time of the final settlement. The tax is currently 7%.

Security Contractors/MBCC Security

A detailed security schedule and post plan should be forwarded to your EM thirty (30) days in advance of your event. A meeting between your Event Manager, the MBCC Security Manager, and the security subcontractor is always recommended to ensure the safety of attendees and property. The MBCC determines that security as planned is inadequate, increased coverage may be required at the expense of the Lessee. The Security sub-contractor will be required to submit the Security Contractor Operation Plan to the Event Manager prior to the event.


Upon arrival and prior to start of the event, the Lessee is required to deliver to the EM a final exhibit booth floor plan, list of exhibitors, and the anticipated total square footage the event will utilize.

Additional services, i.e., air conditioning, trash removal, labor, etc., requested by the Lessee will initiate an Event Work Order. The event work order will indicate the services desired, the price, and the authorization of the Lessee or designated Representative.

The final floor plan, the event work orders, and box office gross receipts and expenses will be included in the final settlement.

Signage & Decorations

The MBCC strives to promote and maintain an aesthetically-appealing venue for all users. As such, it has developed the following standards regarding the use of graphics on surfaces throughout the venue.

We encourage Licensees and general service contractors to contact the MBCC as early as possible to determine feasibility, labor responsibility and costs associated with the placement of signs, static cling graphics and the hanging of any banners or flags. Your Event Manager can assist in locating appropriate placement of all signage.

The required affixing of any signage on the venue, walls, windows, doors, ceilings or superstructure, inside or outside, must be submitted to the Event Manager for approval by the MBCC General Manager at least 60 days prior to installation. The Center prohibits stickers and adhesive clings. Graphics should be easily removable from the applied surface. Static cling graphics must be submitted for review and approval by the MBCC General Manager. Signs and banners may only be hung from approved rigging points.

No holes may be drilled or punched into any venue surface. The Licensee is prohibited from covering venue signage or other venue services without the written permission of the MBCC. Commercial advertising signage or displays set in public areas must be pre-approved by MBCC management. To explore our options, contact your Event Manager or Sales Manager.


Shuttle busing is commonly used for many events from hotels or off-site areas to the MBCC. Convention Center Drive, in front of C/D Lobbies, feature an extra lane for shuttle bus pick-up and drop off. All drop off areas provide curb cuts for accessibility. There is a City Ordinance that prohibits bus staging & engine idling of buses on the Washington Avenue side of the facility. When buses are not loading or unloading passengers all engines must be turned off. If attendees require assistance or disability accommodations, please contact your shuttle provider.

Smoking & Vaping Policy

Smoking/Vaping is prohibited in the facility. Ash/trash units are supplied in the designated areas outside of the bus canopies at all entrances for those who wish to smoke.


Smart City is the exclusive on-site contractor for your internet, telephone, and telecommunication needs. They can provide a full range of telecommunication services to you and your exhibitors.

Smart City will staff a service desk during most events where exhibitors may pick up phones, place new orders, receive dialing assistance, etc. Show management telephones are installed as you specify.

Tent Permitting

The South Florida Building Code is the governing authority for the erection and use of all tents. Pursuant to S.F.B.C., section 43, a building permit issued by the City of Miami Beach Building Department will be required for the erection and/or occupancy of any tent. A tent shall be erected by a contractor, licensed by either the state of Florida or by Dade County, working within the limitations of his/her license.

Traffic Control

Miami Beach off duty police officers are required to assist you with bus and auto traffic control at the MBCC. A minimum of two (2) officers are required for groups with shuttle requirements and/or a high volume of registrants, exhibitors, or patrons who drive to the event. Additional officers will be required when more than 30 buses are running and/or when the traffic light at 17th and Convention Center Drive needs manual operation. Police officers will hold traffic for buses and pedestrians as needed. The Lessee is responsible for all related charges. Your Event Manager can outline the staff requirements and related expenses based on expected traffic.

All off-duty police personnel working at the MBCC must be paid directly to the Police Department prior to move-in.

Union Definitions

Florida is a right-to-work state. However, the Miami Beach Convention Center is party to union agreements with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Motion Picture Machine Operators (IATSE Local 500 & 600) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). All staging and production or audio visual work mustbe done by union labor in accordance with these agreements. Please contact your assigned EM for further discussion regarding the current union contract.

Water Service

Water Service has been suspended until further notice.